Alphabet Pockets

Good evening, everyone.

I am constantly looking for good games/icebreakers to play with the teenagers on Wednesday nights or with the kids on Sundays. My ideas are collected from books, websites, camp, friends who are in ministry, etc. I believe in open-source ministry and resource sharing, so I will be posting games that that I have used successfully, along with any resources that go along with them. Feel free to use them and adapt them for your own groups. With that said, here is our first game — Alphabet Pockets.

Game: Alphabet Pockets
Age: Any
Time: 10-15 minutes
Supplies: One Alphabet Pockets (click to download) sheet and writing utensil for each group, small reward for winning team.
Directions:  Divide participants into groups of 3-5.  Give them an Alphabet Pockets sheet and writing utensil.  The group must come up with one item for each letter of the alphabet from the contents of their pockets and/or purse.  Items of clothing, parts of the body, etc. do not count.  Items may not be counted more than once (An iPhone could not count for I [iPhone], C [cell phone], and P [phone], they must choose one).  At the end of the predetermined time, have the teams count up their answers and the team with the most letters represented wins.  Alternatively, you may wish the teams to read their answers aloud and mark off any duplicate answers, so that the team with the most unique answers wins.